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Onboard Meal


          Fly Armenia Airways journey begins on board


Begin your culinary journey with a selection of light delicacies,
refined to reward your senses. Our Armenian Food are served
with a range of distinct and palatable flavours typical for Armenia



Freshly prepared                   

Satisfy your palate and excite your senses with our variety of
delectable dishes. Our meals are prepared with a focus on the
quality and freshness of ingredients. Dine in our comfortable
atmosphere, and choose from a variety of appetisers, main
coursesand desserts.

          The perfect complement

Find the perfect beverage to accompany our perfect meal.
We offer a range of refreshments, before, during and after meals.
Enjoy a exciting combination of Armenian and International wines
and beers as well as soft drinks. Relax and unwind with a freshly
brewed cup of coffee or tea served after each meal.

Special dietary requirements                 


We can accommodate most dietary requirements.
Please let us know your preferences while
booking your flight.



          Selecting your preferred meal is just the beginning


Every step of the journey for our Economy and Business Class
passengers has been meticulously designed with your convenience in mind.
Choose your type of meal when you are booking your flight and
we will serve your wish





For complete information about Onboard meal options and reservation terms, you can contact our CALL CENTER


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