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Drop Bag



DROPBAG - service by Fly Armenia Airways


DropBag is the novel and easy way to transport items to and from Yerevan

Anyone wishing to send documents, either small or large parcels and/or urgent small and medium-size Cargo are now able to do so through our novel and straight forward system.

Drop off your Documents/Cargo at the DropBag CARGO Check-in counter located at the Yerevan Airport, or at any other departure airport three hours prior the scheduled departure and the Consignee can uplift the same Documents/Cargo at the DropBag CARGO counter at the destination arrival airport just 1 hour after the flight arrival.

Take notice, each parcel is a subject to a customs inspection. In casethe Customs and Border Protection seized the parcel due to non-compliance with the import-export requirements; Fly Armenia Airways is not liable.


For complete information about service details and price list by destinations, please contact our CALL CENTER

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