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Travelling with pets


Pets are permitted on Fly Armenia Airways board. Depending upon the kind, weight and size, transportation of animals is possible at an extra cost as additional carry-on baggage or as excess baggage in the aircraft’s air-conditioned cargo hold

Pet’s size must not exceed:

Dogs and cats that weigh more than 10 kg with transport container may not travel in the cabin. 

If you are planning to transport a pet, please send a request to no later than 24 hours before departure. For more information please contact our Call Center.



Important information

Please make sure that you find out about the import and export regulations applicable to your pet in your departure, transit and destination countries from the relevant consulates.
Please also ask your vet about applicable animal welfare provisions and make sure you obtain all the travel documentation required for your pet.
Fly Armenia Airways reserves the right to refuse to transport animals in the cargo hold if there are extreme weather conditions at the destination at short notice. Each passenger can take up to two animals (dog or cat) in the cabin or up to two animals in the cargo hold in approved transport containers or one pet in the cabin and one pet in the cargo hold both in an approved transport container.


Please also note the minimum age of the animals to be transported:

In the event of having to refuse the carriage of your pet because of non-compliance with the regulations, Fly Armenia Airways is not liable for any resulting costs.


Assistance Animals in the Cabin

Fly Armenia Airways transports assistance dogs in the cabin free of charge despite weight and size under the following conditions:

Please note you wish to carry a pet for emotional support, you must provide a medical certificate from your physician confirming that you require such support.

Requirements for Containers



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