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Economy class


Welcome to Fly Armenia Airways Economy Class!

Whether it’s a short flight or a long one – comfortable seats await you in Fly Armenia Airways Economy Class. There’s plenty of room both on short and medium-haul flights. Thanks to our Economy Seats layout, our seating provides more legroom so that you can stretch your legs out comfortably when flying in Economy Class too.

 Food and beverages

We offer you menus that suit your departure time and destination. Our wide selection of drinks perfectly complements your meals. Regardless what type of food you do prefer our Catering team will serve you the desired one on our flight also in the Fly Armenia Airways Economy Flights.

 Priority Passengers in Economy

Also in our Economy class we do regard Senior Citizens (above 65 years old), Families with Children and Unaccompanied Children as our Priority. Passengers with Priority Boarding and special attention during the flight.

For detailed information about Economy Class options, please contact our CALL CENTER.

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