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Business class


Welcome to Fly Armenia Airways Business Class!

Experience the comfort and privacy of Fly Armenia Airways Business Class and reach your destination feeling relaxed. Wherever your journey takes you: in Fly Armenia Airways Business Class you’ll arrive feeling more relaxed. Lounge access and priority boarding at the airport, additional free baggage and exclusive in-flight meals are waiting for you on board as a passenger in Flyarmenia Airways Business Class.

Whether you’re on your way to your next business meeting or off on holiday: on board Flyarmenia Airways Business Class, you’ll be travelling in the perfect ambience. Flyarmenia Airways offers you privacy and plenty of room for working or relaxing.

 Priority check-in

At our Yerevan Airport base you will be checked in at the VIP Lounge in the Terminal away from the crowds. As a Business Class passenger, you have the option of Check-in at the priority counter at all airports served by Fly Armenia Airways in order to save valuable time. 

 More baggage

In our Business Class you may take two pieces of carry-on baggage on board with you. Your checked baggage is designated as "priority baggage" and will, of course, be first on the baggage carousel.

 More personal space

In our Business Class, you will enjoy in our extreme comfortable Business Class seats. Enjoy your personal space on board to work undisturbed or to rest in a comfortable environment.


You can also use the services of the Business Lounge, which is provided by Zvartnots Airport for Business class passengers of the Fly Armenia Airways.

In the VIP Clients Hall you will receive special services for an additional fee.


For more information, please contact our CALL CENTER

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